Hoop gemstones earrings

Unique and Modern Gold and Gemstone hoop Earrings. 
  • Multiple gemstones threaded on a Single Goldfield Wire  
  • The Single Goldfield Wire is molded into a Rectangle Shape 
  • Brass Tube threaded on the wire and Hammered Flat.
  • 3 different variations available: 6 Blue Coranite Gemstone / 5 Green Coranite Gemstone / 3 clear Aqua Aura Gemstone 
  • 25K gold plating in matte finish
  • Wear Them With Jeans or Wear Them to a Black Tie Event, Equally Stunning. 


Earring Length: 1.9''-2.5'' / 5-6.5 cm

Earring Width: 1.7 '' / 2 Cm

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